APR Reporting Schedule

Academic programs participate in Academic Program Review (APR) on a 7-year cycle. The cycle begins with a fall semester orientation 16-18 months before the self-study is due. On the schedule below, “Next APR” indicates the spring semester in which the self-study is due and the review process takes place. Thus, a “next APR” date of 2025 means that the process begins with a fall 2023 orientation. Academic programs that have current accreditation from certain external disciplinary accreditation agencies do not participate in APR when the external agency’s standards meet or exceed those of Mason’s APR.

General Schedule


Semester 1, Fall
– APR orientation – Establish APR Committee – Explore external review candidates

Semester 2, Spring
– Review existing data and plan any assessments – Outreach to external reviewers

Semester 3, Fall
– OIEP faculty survey – SWOT analysis – Get consensus on goals and action items – Write report – Submit draft report

Semester 4, Spring
– Submit final report – Report sent out for peer review – In-person or virtual site visit – Final meeting with Associate Provosts and Dean