annual assessment

Academic Assessment

Academic programs and certain certificate programs are required to identify student learning outcomes, and map those outcomes to their curriculum through a curriculum map. Programs will assess one outcome per year and report on that assessment in Nuventive – Mason’s assessment management system.

Annual Assessment Templates

All academic and student support units must enter the unit’s mission statement, goals, objectives, methods and measures, results and analysis, and improvement plans as shown in the templates below.

Mason Program Assessment Report Template Tk20 Template (Excel)

Mason Program Assessment Report Tk20 Template (Word)


For more information on administrative unit assessment and worksheets, please refer to the resources below.

Student Learning Outcomes Assessment for Academic ProgramsThe 2021-2022 Assessment Feedback Rubric is a guide for academic annual assessment.

The following examples of annual assessment elements were submitted by programs at Mason.

Assessment Schedule

Academic Units

All degree programs must enter the following by June 30, 2024:

  • Fill out the Measures, Findings and Improvement Plans for the student learning outcome (SLO) assessed in 2023-24.
  • Fill out Improvements Made to report on steps taken from previous assessment cycles to improve student learning.
  • Update the mission statement, SLOs and curriculum map, if necessary.
  • New degree programs need to have a mission statement, curriculum map, and student learning outcomes.

Stand-alone and Gainful Employment Certificate Programs

  • Fill out the Measures, Findings and Improvement Plans for any student learning and/or program outcome assessed in 2023-24.
  • Update the mission statement and outcomes, if necessary.
  • New stand-alone certificate programs should have a mission and at least one student learning outcome and one program outcome

Please visit Assessment and Reporting: Certificate Programs and Gainful Employment Disclosures more information.