Student Evaluations of Teaching

George Mason University uses Blue by Explorance for the student evaluations of teaching process. Notable features include:

  • Core university questions with up to 5 custom questions, including 3 optional pre-written use of technology questions.
  • Multiple notification methods.
  • Instructors are able to see response rates in real time.
  • Wide variety of reports available for your use.


  • Student evaluations of teaching are administered immediately prior to finals week in order to avoid the possibility of student bias.
  • All students enrolled in courses are notified by email and via Blackboard alerting them to the opportunity to evaluate their courses. Please note: a course must have at least 3 students for an evaluation to be generated.
  • The length of time an evaluation remains open is related to the length of the course. The default for most full-semester courses is 10 days. The default for part-of-term courses is 5 days. Instructors can request changes to the open and close dates via their academic unit. If approved by the academic unit, the administration window can open as early as two weeks prior to the default open date and close as late as the Banner course end date. The default administration schedule is listed below under Resources.


Course Evaluation Results

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