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Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning - George Mason University


Co-Curricular Assessment

All co-curricular units report assessment plans and findings on an annual basis. Annual Assessment begins with a 1:1 consultation at the beginning of the annual assessment cycle, and ends with a report of the annual assessment in the summer semester of the subsequent year.


The Annual Assessment cycle ensures that units’ goals and outcomes systematically impact co-curricular programs and services. Unit goals and outcomes are strategically linked to programs and services, and this is further aligned to divisional and institutional goals and missions. Program initiatives and student development outcomes are continuously measured through a cyclical assessment process.


Each outcome follows the same steps along a cyclical assessment path:


Goals and Outcomes Overview
The alignment of the annual assessment plan to the divisional Strategic Plan provides the framework for writing and revising goals and outcomes at the unit-level. The link below discusses how to write goals and outcomes.
Annual Assessment Planning Worksheets


Student Learning Outcomes
Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) use specific action verbs that describe what students will know or be able to do after participating in a program or service. SLOs assess the impact of a program, service, or intervention on participants’ learning and focus on what students will take away or learn from the program or service. They should support the mission of the unit, be derived from the unit goals, and be measurable.

Reporting Requirements

The Annual Assessment process consists of interconnected components, each with specific expectations for planning, updating, reviewing, and/or reporting along the assessment cycle:

A timeline of what units can expect over the course of the year is presented:

[Co-Curricular Units]
Reporting Period Reporting Deadline
Quarter 1 July 1 – September 30 October 15
Quarter 2 October 1 – December 30 January 15
Quarter 3 January 1 – March 31 April 15
Quarter 4 April 1 – June 30 July 15


Co-Curricular/Student Learning Assessment
Co-curricular programs are required to identify student learning outcomes, and map those outcomes to their curriculum through the divisional Strategic Plan and Student Learning Outcomes documents. Programs will assess outcomes and report on the assessment in Tk20.
Annual Assessment Templates
All co-curricular units must enter the unit’s mission statement, goals, outcomes, methods and measures, results and analysis, and improvement plans into Tk20 as shown in the template below.
UnitName_FY23 Annual Assessment Planning Template

For more information on co-curricular unit assessment planning, please refer to the resource below.

All co-curricular units must enter their Results & Insights, and Action tabs, into Tk20 by July 15, 2022. After completing the Results & Insights and Action tabs, ‘complete’ marks will appear.

Tk20 is Mason’s assessment planning and reporting software tool. All units will enter their annual assessment date in this system. Tk20 is a robust, interactive tool that can be used for tracking progress toward goals, and reporting for accreditation. For user information, please refer to the Tk20 UL User Guide.