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Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning - George Mason University


Human Resources

Human Resources
Description: The Faculty and Staff Dashboard includes employee headcount and FTE by division, department, gender, employee category (e.g., tenured faculty, graduate teaching assistants), full-time/part-time employment status, faculty rank, and race/ethnicity.
Glossary of Terms: All Terminology definitions used in OIEP dashboards and reports.
Production Schedule: Data are based on fall census data (snapshots taken on November 1st every year). Reports and dashboards are updated annually in December.
Data Source: Data are extracted from Banner and undergo minor quality control to align with federal reporting standards.

Notes: When departments or divisions undergo name changes, current names are applied to historic data (e.g., Carter School for Peace and Conflict Resolution). However, complex departmental re-organizations (those involving changes in org codes) are not retroactively applied to historic data.