Human Resources

Human Resources


The Faculty and Staff Dashboard includes employee headcount and FTE by division, department, gender, employee category (e.g., tenured faculty, graduate teaching assistants), full-time/part-time employment status, faculty rank, and race/ethnicity.

Glossary of Terms:

All Terminology definitions used in OIEP dashboards and reports.


Faculty and Staff Dashboard by Gender and Race/Ethnicity
*This dashboard is only accessible from the Mason network. If you are off campus, you will need to use VPN to access this link.

Space Management System

Production Schedule:

Data are based on fall census data (snapshots taken on November 1st every year). Reports and dashboards are updated annually in December.

Data Source:

Data are extracted from Banner and undergo minor quality control to align with federal reporting standards.


When departments or divisions undergo name changes, current names are applied to historic data (e.g., Carter School for Peace and Conflict Resolution). However, complex departmental re-organizations (those involving changes in org codes) are not retroactively applied to historic data.