student support assessment council

Co-Curricular Assessment Council (CCAC)


The Co-Curricular Assessment Council (CCAC) is a council with university-wide representation, dedicated to advancing best practices in co-curricular assessment across the institution. Led by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning, the CCAC works collaboratively with council members to plan, promote, and support best practices of co-curricular assessment.

The council conducts peer review of annual assessment plans and provides collective peer feedback to units. In addition, CCAC serves as a professional learning community with discussions on best practices in co-curricular assessment.


The CCAC is comprised of invited members with representation throughout the institution, including academic and student support areas.

Chris Lee OIEP
Ashley Archer  OIEP
Bonnie Sylwester  OIEP
Graziella Pagliarulo McCarron  School of Integrative Studies 
Lashonda Anthony  Academic Integrity 
Katie Clare  Center for the Advancement of Well-Being 
Joisanne Rodgers  Contemporary Student Services 
Robin Joseph-Quigley  Counseling and Psychological Services  
Jenn Torrance   Disability Services 
Mia Hines  Early Identification Program 
Julie Choe Kim   Graduate Student Life 
Erin Brandt   Housing and Residence Life 
Yali Pan   International Programs and Services 
Nick Lennon   Leadership Education and Development 
Vicki Dominick  Learning Services 
Ethan Carter   Mason Recreation 
Rick Gray  New Student and Family Programs 
Melissa Thierry   Regional Campuses 
Michael Galvin   Science and Technology 
Erin Harpine   Student Health Services 
Phil McDaniel  Student Involvement 
Kelly Severo  Student Success Coaching 
Susan Pilley UL Project and Process Management 
Stephanie Lampron University Career Services