Nuventive is Mason’s assessment planning and reporting tool. OIEP has created video tutorials and quick start navigation guides for users from academic, administrative, and co-curricular units.

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The Common Data Set is an initiative amongst various higher education publishers to create a common series of questions that allows users to obtain data accurately without increasing workload burden on administrators. Click here for current and past statistical information on admissions, enrollment graduation, faculty demographic, financial aid.

What does the student lifecycle at Mason look like? From where do our applicants come? Where do our admitted students enroll? Once enrolled, how many students are retained to the on the path to graduation? What are the career outcomes? Learn more with these resources.

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OIEP offers an array of comprehensive dashboards, interactive reports, and survey results. Use this form to request data that are not readily available on the OIEP website.

Upcoming Events

Annual Assessment Reporting Deadline: June 30, 2024
The annual assessment reporting deadline in Nuventive for AY 2023-234 is June 30, 2024. Information about annual assessment, including reporting requirements can be found here. Information about Nuventive, including resources and log-in details, can be found here
Mason Academic Assessment Council Feedback
Now in its fourth cycle, the Mason Academic Assessment Council has reviewed annual assessment plans in our new platform, Nuventive. MAAC members applied the assessment feedback rubric and engaged in a small group peer-review process to provide structured formative feedback and support continuous improvement. This session will provide an overview and …
OIEP’s Video Tutorials
OIEP has created video trainings as resources to support faculty and staff in areas including: navigating Nuventive, annual assessment planning, Academic Program Review, and building Qualtrics surveys. The videos can be found on OIEP’s website or on the YouTube channel Institutional Effectiveness at Mason.