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Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning - George Mason University



Official Enrollment Reports
Description: Student Enrollment
Data include student Headcount (HC), student FTE, and student credit hours by student level, college, degree, major, gender, race/ethnicity, tuition domicile, load (Full-time/Part-time), new/return status, campus
Course Enrollment
Data on course enrollment by Academic Course Division/College and Course Level by Credit Hour and Course FTE. Display includes FTE distribution by Division of Student Major. Data are presented by Campus, College, and Domicile. When choosing a College, the Academic Course Department data are displayed.
State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV): Commonwealth SCHEV student enrollment reporting includes all students at all George Mason University campuses, including GMU-Korea enrollments.
Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS): Federal IPEDS student enrollment reporting excludes GMU-Korea enrollments.

Glossary of Terms: All Terminology definitions used in OIEP dashboards and reports.

Official Enrollment Trends and Dashboards

Official Student Enrollment (Tabular)

Preliminary Daily Enrollment Reports and Dashboards

Official Course Enrollment

Course Sections and Student Credit Hours by Faculty/Staff Type

Full-time Undergraduate Student Credit Hour Trends


Production Schedule:

Census: Official reporting file. Data are pulled from Banner approximately 6 weeks after the start of the semester. Reports and dashboards are updated each semester with the following schedule: Fall semester: November; Spring semester: April; Summer semester: August.

Data Source: Data are extracted from Banner, Mason Student Information System. Data are updated once per semester.
Notes: • Due to rapid changes in university structure and majors, we are not able to keep the historical college mappings or student preferred college mappings for certain majors. The college mappings for each major are based on most the recent structure.
• Starting in Fall 2011, graduate student load is no longer calculated solely on the basis of enrolled credit hours, but is calculated using the full-time classifications defined in the university catalog.
• Starting in Fall 2011, certificate and special program students are displayed separately.
• Starting in Fall 2011, Distance Education is defined as students enrolled in courses where 50% or more of the instruction is offered via distance education; internships, individual study, and study abroad are excluded.
• Starting with the Fall 2012 census, degree-seeking students who attended Mason previously and returned at the same degree level after attending another institution are considered continuing students. Prior to Fall 2012 they were considered transfer students.