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Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning - George Mason University


Administrative Assessment

All administrative and student support units are required to identify goals and assess outcomes in support of the University’s Strategic Plan. These goals should be clearly aligned to the mission of the unit and focus on strengthening and improving critical functions, services and processes that impact stakeholder satisfaction, and or initiatives and projects that contribute to the university’s ability to achieve its strategic goals.  Units that have student learning as part of their mission will need to be sure to include one or more goals related to student learning achievement.



Annual Assessment Using Tk20

All administrative and student support units must enter the unit’s mission statement, goals, objectives, methods and measures, results and analysis, and improvement plans into Tk20 as shown in the example below.

[Unit Name]
Goals/Objectives Methods and Measures Results and Analysis Improvement Plans
[Goal 1]
[Objective 1] [Methods and Measures]
How was the objective measured? As appropriate, include details such as the achievement target (if not already embedded in objective), when the assessment took place, and responsible parties.
Brief overview of results. May be narrative, tabular, graphic or combination. Include whether the objective was Met, Partially Met or Not Met. Attach supporting documentation as appropriate.
What conclusions can be drawn from the results? Indicate strengths or if was notable progress made. Indicate any issues that will require special/continued attention.
[Improvement Plans]
Describe the actions to be taken based on the findings of this assessment. How will proposed changes be implemented? If no changes need to be made, please explain.Indicate the following if known:Individual(s) responsible for action(s)
Target date for action
Priority (High/Medium/Low)
Additional Resources Needed, if any
[Objective 2]
[Goal 2]
[Objective 1]
[Objective 2]
[Objective 3]



For more information on administrative unit assessment and worksheets, please refer to the resources below.

Student Learning Outcomes Assessment for Academic ProgramsThe 2021-2022 Assessment Feedback Rubric is a guide for academic annual assessment.   The following examples of annual assessment elements were submitted by programs at Mason.  
Assessment Schedule
All administrative and student support units must report the following by 2023:

Administrative and Student Support Units Reporting in Tk20
Administrative and Student Support Units Reporting in Tk20
Office of the President Athletics
Communications and Marketing
Compliance, Diversity and Ethics
Government and Community Relations
University Advancement and Alumni Relations
University Audit
Office of the Senior Vice President Administration and Operations at Arlington and Loudon Campuses
Administration and Operations at SciTech Campus
Auxiliary Enterprises
Budget and Planning
Environmental Health and Safety
Fiscal Services
Human Resources and Payroll
Information Technology Services
Police and Public Safety
Risk Management
Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President Admissions
Academic Affairs
Academic Administration
Academic Deans’ Offices
Faculty Affairs and Development
Global Education
Graduate Education
Institutional Effectiveness and Planning
Smithsonian Mason School of Conservation
Stearns Center for Teaching and Learning
Undergraduate Education
University Libraries
Academic Innovations and New Ventures Accreditation and Compliance
Continuing and Professional Education
INTO Mason
Mason Online
New Ventures
University Registrar
Enrollment Management
Student Financial Aid
Research, Innovation and Economic Impact
Research and Innovation Initiatives
Community and Economic Initiatives
Research Development and Services
University Life University Life Offices – multiple