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Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning - George Mason University


Assessment Cycle

Assessment Cycle

The assessment cycle for Mason Core is four years long and consists of three phases: Collect Data, Assess / Share Findings, and Reflect / Refine Practices. Hover over each phase in the graphic below for a brief description of each phase.


Timeline and Assessment Groups procedures

Mason Core areas are divided into three groups for staged implementation of the assessment cycle. Group 1 areas will begin the assessment cycle in Fall 2022; Group 2 areas will begin Fall 2023; and Group 3 areas will begin Fall 2024.

Group 1
Information Technology & Computing, Quantitative Reasoning, Written Communication*, Oral Communication*
Group 2
Literature; Social/Behavioral Sciences; Natural Science; Synthesis; Written Communication*, Oral Communication*
Group 3
Arts; Writing-intensive; Global History; Global Contexts; Just Societies; Capstone; Written Communication*, Oral Communication*
*Written and Oral Communication engage in annual assessment cycles; data summarized and shared with faculty and leadership each year