Mason Core

How to Submit your Course Materials for Assessment

**Course Materials for Spring 2024 are due by May 10th**

How to Submit your Course Materials for Assessment

Please have the following items prepared (as indicated below) and ready to upload: Course syllabus, Assignment description, Mason Core Learning Outcome(s), How the assignment aligns, and Sample of student work*. 

*For the Arts category: if you are using a performance to assess the Mason Core learning outcome, then you will use the Performing Arts link to submit your course materials and ratings of student performance, rather than samples of student work.

Course syllabus 

  1. Upload a copy of the course syllabus. 
  2. Naming the file: Course_Section_Syllabus (e.g., ENGR107_003_Syllabus) 

Assignment description 

  1. Decide which assignment(s) you are submitting for assessment. Select the one(s) that align best with the Mason Core Learning Outcome(s) you indicated above. A helpful question to consider when choosing an assignment: Can students demonstrate their level of mastery on the Mason Core Learning Outcome(s) by completing this assignment? 
  2. Upload a copy of the assignment description for which assignment(s) you are using to assess student performance on the Mason Core learning outcome(s). 
  3. Naming the file: Course_Section_Assignment (e.g., ENGR107_003_Assignment) 

Mason Core Learning Outcomes 

  1. Indicate which Mason Core Learning Outcome(s) students are demonstrating mastery of when they complete the selected assignment. 

How assignment aligns with outcome(s)

  1. Briefly explain how the assignment meets the Mason Core Learning Outcome(s) you selected. (2 to 3 sentences is sufficient)

Sample of student work 

  1. Select a random sample of students in the course and upload their assignments. An easy method is to choose every fifth person on your roster, or you can use something like   
  2. If teaching multiple sections of the same course: You only need to submit ONE sample for the same course. 
  3. For course sections with fewer than 15 students enrolled, include at least three.  
  4. For course sections with more than 50 students enrolled, include no more than 10. 
  5. Naming the files: Course_Section_Student G Number (e.g., ENGR107_003_G12345678) 

Ready to submit your course materials for Mason Core Assessment? Use the link for your Mason Core Area below:  

Information Technology & Computing:  

Quantitative Reasoning:  


Performing Arts:  


Social & Behavioral Science: