Student Evaluations of Teaching (SETs)

Please see our SET FAQ pages for instructors and supervisors and students.

Assessment and Nuventive
  • How do I request access to Nuventive?
    Send an email with your name and assigned unit/department to oiep@gmu.edu.
  • Does my degree program or administrative unit need to conduct and report on assessments every year?
    Yes. All academic degree programs and administrative units need to participate in annual assessment. Assessment resources and reporting requirements are available on the OIEP website.
  • Do I need permission from my students to submit their work for assessment?
    Student work may be used for institutional assessment purposes without student permission. Consent is only needed when using student data or work products in a generalizable way, such as in professional presentations or publications–in which case, IRB approval is required. The policy on using student work in assessment is posted in Mason’s University Catalog, under Student Rights and Responsibilities.
Enrollment and Census Data
  • What’s the difference between Beginning (BOT), Middle (MOT or Census), and End of Term (EOT)?
    Student enrollment data files are currently pulled at three points in the term.
    BOT data is pulled the day after the last day to add classes.
    MOT (Census) data is pulled approximately six weeks after the term has started for fall and spring. For summer, it is pulled after the last day to add classes for the last session. Census data is used for all official reporting from internal to external, including SCHEV and IPEDS, unless noted.
    EOT data is pulled approximately four weeks after the term has ended.
  • Are there any changes planned to the census file process?
    Starting in fall 2022, OIEP will move towards a streamlined, and more efficient, framework that involves one data pull per term to serve as the official data file, i.e., MOT. Because of the significant change in the process, OIEP will run the two frameworks in parallel throughout AY 2022-23. Testing procedures will ensure that we capture all data that are necessary to continue to support university data needs.
  • What is FTE and how is it calculated?
    FTE is full-time equivalent and is obtained by dividing the total number of undergraduate, first professional(law), and graduate credit hours per term by 15, 15 and 12 respectively. The number of FTE students in summer, and annualized regular sessions (fall and spring semesters) is obtained by dividing the total number of undergraduate, first professional, and graduate credit hours per session by 30, 30 and 24 respectively.
  • If a major/degree program has moved from one college/school to another, where will the historical data be reported?
    The college mapping for each major is based on the most recent structure.
  • How can I find time to degree data?
    OIEP has created a Time to Degree dashboard for First-Time Undergraduate Completers. There’s also a companion document that provides an overview of the dashboard.
  • How is a cohort defined?
    A cohort consists of full-time, first-time (freshmen) degree-seeking students who enrolled in the fall semester.
  • Does this cohort include transfer students?
  • Are there retention reports for populations other than full-time, first-year students?
    Yes, you can refer to the Comprehensive Undergraduate Retention and Graduation Rates dashboard. If you would like retention data not available on our website, please fill out a data request form.
Student Surveys

I’m graduating this semester. Is the student exit survey mandatory?
No. However, it is the official Mason exit survey for all seniors and graduating master’s and PhD students. The information that you provide is important and allows Mason to make program and campus improvements based on student feedback.