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Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning - George Mason University


FAQs for Instructors and Supervisors


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George Mason University uses the software Blue by Explorance for student evaluations of teaching (SETs). Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about SET administration at Mason.




What questions will be asked in the evaluation?
Can I add my own questions to the evaluation form?
How do I add my questions to the evaluation instrument?
I forgot to add my personalized questions before the deadline. Can you reopen the survey so I can add my questions?




How will I know when evaluations are open?
Can I monitor response rates?
How do I ensure high response rates for my courses?
When will evaluations be open?
Can I customize the evaluation open and close dates for my course?
Can I choose to use a paper evaluation?
Why is my evaluation window closing before my last class?




When will I be able to access student evaluations?
How can I access my past reports?
Who will have access to student student evaluations of teaching once completed?
I left Mason, but need my past teaching evaluation reports.
Will the student evaluations be made public as they were with Mason’s previous hybrid process of paper and online evaluations?
Can my evaluations results be released earlier than scheduled?
I did not receive a report for my course. Instead, in Blue it shows “threshold not met.” What does this mean?
A student submitted an evaluation with negative comments and/or low scores that I feel mischaracterize my teaching/course. Can you remove this evaluation from being included in the final report?




I co-teach a course. Are instructors evaluated separately?
I am one of multiple instructors of record for a course, but should not be included in the evaluations. Is there a way not to have an evaluation issued for me?
I am teaching a course which is cross-listed with another course. If I want to add personalized questions, do I need to add these to just one of the sections or all associated courses?
How many students need to be enrolled in my cross-listed sections for an evaluation to be administered?
How many student responses must be received in my cross-listed sections for a report to be issued?




How can I be added to Blue as a supervisor for my unit?
I recently was added as a supervisor in Blue. How can I access the evaluation reports for prior semesters?