Mission Statement

Our Top Five Values






OIEP advances the strategic goals of George Mason University through collaborations focused on engaging partners in data-informed strategic, operational and tactical decision-making.
We ensure accuracy by using structured, multi-step processes, and proven methodologies. We promote equity by exploring at micro and macro levels to uncover disparity of experience. Our innate inquisitiveness requires that we explore new and innovative methods. And we do this all with integrity that binds us to honesty, trust, pride and responsibility to produce quality information.

OIEP fulfills its mission in ways that highlight our areas of expertise including:

  • Academic Program Review (APR)
  • Annual assessment of student learning outcomes and administrative effectiveness
  • Data-informed strategic planning: assessing current status, developing goals and key performance indicators to measure progress
  • Analytics development including
    • forecasting and planning tools
    • documenting university data
      • enrollment
      • retention
      • degree production
      • human resources
      • academic program planning
      • facilities
  • Oversight of institutional information, assessment, and data resources to ensure integrity, accuracy, usability and compliance with widely understood and accepted definitions
  • Anticipating information needs and developing innovative resources and visualizations
  • Responding to external reporting mandates including those generated by the Commonwealth of Virginia and federal government
  • Survey research that independently assesses student experiences across the institution and educational outcomes