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Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning - George Mason University


FAQS and Videos for Instructors

In consultation with the University Effective Teaching Committee, Faculty Senate Chair, the Provost, the Registrar and ITS, the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning has selected a new way to conduct student evaluations of teaching. This online format will meet institutional needs in an environmentally friendly and fiscally responsible way. The evaluation software Blue by Explorance was chosen for its functionality, ease of use and demonstrated success at many intuitions, including several in Virginia.




What questions will be asked in the evaluation?
How will I know when evaluations are open?
Can I monitor response rates?
How do I ensure high response rates for my courses?
How long will evaluations be open?
Can I add my own questions to the evaluation form?
How do I add my questions to the evaluation instrument?
Can I choose to use a paper evaluation?
I co-teach a course. Are instructors evaluated separately?
When will I be able to access student evaluations?
Who will have access to student student evaluations of teaching once completed?